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“Necessity is the mother of invention.” To some, this might just be an old saying…but to GE Engineer Claude Pemberton and Oldsmobile Toronado developer Don Perkins, this was the start of Air Lift Company in Lansing, Michigan in 1949. Post-war automotive fascination meant that families were crisscrossing the country in their cars, usually loaded down with kids and luggage—causing the springs to sag badly. With this in mind, Air Lift Company set out to build a suspension that would not only help support an overloaded vehicle, but would also improve ride quality and safety…a state of mind that Air Lift still adheres to today. During the stock car boom of the ‘50s and ‘60s, the versatility of Air Lift air springs was proven to improve handling and traction in races such as Daytona and Darlington. Air Lift products were used by most stock car racing teams for twenty years, and the cars sponsored by Air Lift were among some of the toughest competitors on the NASCAR Grand National Circuit. As pickup trucks and SUV’s started to become a more mainstream mode of transportation, Air Lift began developing load support kits to assist with towing and hauling. No longer was towing your trailer like riding a rickety rollercoaster; Air Lift’s revolutionary air springs allowed you to level your vehicle and tow with safety and confidence. In the late ‘90s, the Easy Street division of Air Lift was born with a focus on lowered custom vehicles. Now, you could enjoy a lowered stance, but have the ability to raise the car at any moment in order to clear obstacles. At the time, full air suspension took the mini-truck world by storm, and Air Lift was on the cutting edge with compressor system technology and air springs the market had never before experienced. As the popularity of full air suspension grew, Air Lift developed air struts, finally giving consumers a viable alternative to coilovers or lowering springs. After several years of success, the Easy Street name was dropped in favor of Air Lift Performance, a name that reflected the heritage of Air Lift’s racing success. Along with the name change, Air Lift Performance became as dedicated to improving handling performance as it was to dropping cars to pavement-skimming stance. Countless hours of testing in Air Lift Performance’s state-of-the-art lab—coupled with on-track testing—has led to air suspension products that are on par with today’s best coilover brands, but with one huge advantage: the ability to raise and lower the car with the push of a button. As a leader in the air suspension market, Air Lift Performance is paving the way with revolutionary air management systems and suspension set-ups that will truly allow you to DRIVE IT, SHOW IT, TRACK IT!

Air Lift Performance 10991 5 Gal Air Tank-..

5 Gal Air Tank-12 1/2in. H x 20in. L with (8) 1/2in. PortsOur 5 gallon tank has been a leader in the..


Air Lift Performance 10994 8 1/2 Gal Air T..

8 1/2 Gal Air Tank-12 1/2in. H x 32 1/2 L with (8) 1/2in. PortsOur 8.5 gallon tank was designed to f..


Air Lift Performance 12956 5 Gal Aluminum ..

5 Gal Alum Air Tank-(4) 3/8in. face ports;/1/4in. drain port-36in. L x 6in. D-Polished4 Gal Aluminum..


Air Lift Performance 21633 Push-To-Connect..

Push-to-Connect Inflation Valve-PCT 1/4in. TubeAir Lift Company has developed dependable air spring ..


Air Lift Performance 21735 Bushings

Bushings-3/8in. MNPT x 1/8in. FNPTAir Lift Company has developed dependable air spring suspension pr..


Air Lift Performance 24290 Blow Off Valve

Blow Off Valve 200 PSIBlow Off Valve 200 PSIReleases Air Pressure When The System Gets Over 200 PSI..


Air Lift Performance 24575 Air Pressure Sw..

Pressure Switch 145-175 psiTurns compressor on at any pressure lower than 145 PSI, and shuts the com..


Air Lift Performance 50705 Replacement Air..



Air Lift Performance 50712 Service Kit (St..

STRUT BEARING SERVICE KIT;Air Lift Company has developed dependable air spring suspension products s..


Air Lift Performance 58130 Tapered Sleeve ..

Tapered Sleeve-F9000 replacementThis tappered sleeve bag is perfect for many rear air suspension app..


Air Lift Performance 58481 Replacement Air..

REPLACEMENT SLEEVE; FOR PN[75683];This Air Lift replacement sleeve is an exact replacement for an or..


Air Lift Performance 58533 Replacement Air..

Replacement Air BagThis replacement air spring is designed to replace air spring when it is heavily ..


Air Lift Performance 58534 Replacement Air..

Replacement Air BagReplacement Air BagReplacement BellowApplication Summary: ..


Air Lift Performance 58538 Replacement Air..

Replacement Air BagReplacement Air BagReplacement BellowApplication Summary: ..


Air Lift Performance 75553 Performance Str..

Air Lift Performance Front KitGet the stance you want and the performance you need with Air Lift's P..


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